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utility room flooring. a utility room floor needs to be very stain resistant. some stones even when sealed will react with certain detergents and bleaches. choosing a porcelain or ceramic tile in this room should reduce the likelihood of stains and linoleum and vinyl are also good choices as is rubber.【Get Price】

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naked flooring supplies 100% natural floorings that are durable environmentally friendly stylish and affordable. our range includes our new eco-friendly range our award winning 100% wool carpets and customisable natural rugs.【Get Price】

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natural seagrass floor covering - a buyers guide for an idea of seagrass simply think of picnic baskets or perhaps rush matting. it is a relatively hard fibre in comparison to sisal jute or coir but is woven with similar weave patterns (principally basketweave and herringbone).【Get Price】

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our unique permeable flame retardant membrane breathershield® ensures that newly laid flooring can both breathe easily and remain protected from the elements. engineered with a cutting edge breathable membrane this product provides the perfect solution for uncured surfaces that need a strong and reliable shield.【Get Price】

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westfield travel smart lynx 200 breathable flooring is used but still has a lot of life left in it. breathable fabric matting ideal whilst camping keep everything off the ground dry brand-new. details: lynx westfield travel smart flooring shaped technical cleaned using power【Get Price】

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protective floor covering - breathable floor covering by floorotex. the durable construction floor protection is also pressure and scratch resistant and is virtually tear proof. there are three roll sizes available : 40 inches x 54 feet 40 inches x 84 feet and the larger roll size of 40 inches wide by 168 feet long.【Get Price】

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re: breathable floor covering post by london mike 61 » sun dec 07 2014 10:46 am if its just an under stairs cupboard the why not use an off cut of a heesian backed carpet it would allow some breath ability and you wouldn't need to put any underlay underneath as you won't be walking on it.【Get Price】

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broadloom carpet is able to withstand high moisture environments as it is inherently breathable meaning that water vapor from the subfloor is able to pass through the carpet and evaporate away naturally. most carpet tiles have impermeable backings which trap water vapor between the tile and the subfloor.【Get Price】

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natural flooring specialists natural flooring co. is a leader in the field of contemporary and traditional floor coverings. our collection of wool and natural floorings together with our specially-commissioned polished concrete floors fulfil the highest requirements of exclusiveness and durability.【Get Price】

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duromar hydroflor ® is an innovative zero voc epoxy floor coating. it has a unique breathable structure which allows moisture vapor to escape from the concrete. it has a unique breathable structure which allows moisture vapor to escape from the concrete.【Get Price】

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without lifting solid floors it’s difficult to introduce any permanent thermal insulation but coir or other breathable floor coverings can help. avoid covering the floor with impermeable insulation materials or rubber-backed carpets as they’ll trap moisture.【Get Price】

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vinyl flooring can make moist floors sweat causing more moisture damage as they are sold as a semi impermeable product. laminate uses underlayment which can cause same thing. engineered wood is a more stable product but should have a proper membrane underneath first.【Get Price】

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now you have a thin seamless floor in any color. clean easy to clean breathable so moisture can pass through. mold resistant any mold can be easily cleaned. thin so height is not an issue. a concrete overlay solves just about all basement floor covering issues. add area rugs for warmth and decor.【Get Price】

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general description. duromar hydroflor ® is an innovative zero voc epoxy floor coating. it has a unique breathable structure which allows moisture vapor to escape from the concrete. the coating is extremely easy to apply requiring little or no surface profiling.【Get Price】

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the floor will need to be dug up to the required depth before the ground is levelled and compacted. a breathable membrane is then laid before the insulating materials. if you are fitting underfloor heating this will be fitted before the new flooring is laid or the original put back into place.【Get Price】

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cork as a natural product warms and enriches any interior. with over 40 million natural cushion cells per cubic centimeter cork is a natural sound and thermal insulator. cork floors are beautifully quiet and comfortable underfoot warm and pleasant to the touch.【Get Price】

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technopor®!isglassfoam!granulate!(glassfoam!gravel)thisisthe!ecologicalalternative!for! insulationtobuilding!floors.!! technopor®perimeter50isa!lightweight ...【Get Price】

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the flooring needs to be breathable to allow the limecrete to absorb / release water vapour and i would obviously like to have a natural finish. i am not sure if polishing the limecrete would work and how practical the floor would then be (i do have a vague recollection of a grand design using a lime screed).【Get Price】

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protective felt floor covering rolls are impact resistant surface protection for floors fixtures on site or protection for in transit. the breathable felt is often used for stone protection. the rolls are manufactured from recycled fibres so the colour can vary from batch to batch.【Get Price】

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this breathable floor matting measures 350 x 250 cm. as it is breathable the flooring is much friendlier on the grass compared to non-breathable alternatives which may kill or discolour the grass. features: very durable; lightweight; breathable; dense weave; can be used indoors or out; can be used wet or dry; rot proof; uv resistant; folds away flat; pegging eyelets【Get Price】

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the amtico people are correct for all types of flooring. if the existing floor is damp just covering it up will lead to further problems with the new flooring as the damp will be trapped. you must therefore deal with the damp. i would lay a hall floor in keeping with the age of the house.【Get Price】

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permeable floor protection to protect garage floors or to cover hardwood surface. breathable cover will tuf guard hardwood during construction. waterproof basement flooring system - place n' go: fine ... place n' go waterproof basement flooring is an interlocking covering that is adhesive-free and easy to install.【Get Price】

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breathable flooring options? i have an old kitchen which has got solid floors ( guess concrete underneath the red quarry tiles) which had layers of part carpet/lino laid over it over when i bought. surveyor has highlighted that i might require a breathable floor to allow vapors to dissipate and keep ventilated.【Get Price】