advantage and disadvantage of bubbledeck slab

what are the advantages og bubbledeck technology? -

advantage and disadvantage of modern health technology advantages and disadvantages technology? advantages fast research info is easier to find disadvantages hackers computer crashes what are 5 most important advantages of science and technology?【Get Price】

advantages and disadvantages of flat slabs - civil

a flat slab is a two-way reinforced concrete slab that usually does not have beams and girders and the loads are transferred directly to the supporting concrete columns. civil engineering engineering for life search search home blog surveying plane table【Get Price】

advantages and disadvantages of concrete slab floors

the color of concrete slabs used to be a major disadvantage as concrete only came in gray. however there are options for coloring and decorating your concrete slab floor. you can put carpet over the concrete for instance but for homeowners who want to utilize【Get Price】

disadvantages of bubble deck

the geometry of the bubbledeck slab is identified by ellipsoids of a certain size placed in a precise modular grid. all geometrical technical manual and documents bubbledeck voided flat slab supposed disadvantage. if the engineer plots a stress and the【Get Price】

waffle slab or ribbed slab construction procedure and

 · waffle slab or ribbed slab is a structural component which is plain on its top and contains grid like system on its register now username * e-mail * password * confirm password * first name * last name * display name * captcha * what is the capital of terms【Get Price】

what are the disadvantages of a waffle slab?

disadvantages of a waffle slab include difficult-to-handle penetrations the requirement of special formwork greater floor-to-floor height and low fire rating. another disadvantage of waffle slabs is its long-time maintenance difficulty when built over reactive land. waffle【Get Price】

advantages and disadvantages of concrete - civil

concrete an artificial kind of stone is a common construction material. the advantages and disadvantages of concrete are given below. civil engineering engineering for life search search home blog surveying plane table surveying materials cement【Get Price】

what are the advantages and disadvantages

precast flooring systems have the added advantage of reducing the amount of labour required on site. 5. damp resistance concrete floor is nonabsorbent and hence offers sufficient resistance to dampness. this is used for water retaining floors as well as stores.【Get Price】

advantages and disadvantages of slab foundations

slab foundation is very common in areas where the soil is mostly comprised of expansive clay. advantages and disadvantages of slab foundations are listed. × menu home construction basement materials aggregate cement concrete geotech foundation piling【Get Price】

disadvantages of bubble deck

bubbledeck north america llc advancing concrete design bubbledeck is the patented integration technique of linking air steel and concrete in a two way structural slab. hollow plastic balls are inserted into the slab and get quotes【Get Price】

disadvantage of bubble deck slab

reinforced concrete slabs are components commonly used in floors ceilings . and weight reduction the dominant advantage of a bubbledeck slab is that it【Get Price】

advantages and disadvantages of flat slab ppt

view and download powerpoint presentations on advantages and disadvantages of flat slab ppt. find powerpoint presentations and slides using the power of find free presentations research about advantages and disadvantages of flat slab【Get Price】

what are the advantages and disadvantages of a

what are the advantages and disadvantages of a conventional concrete slab vs. a post tension slab? by g.d. palmer save post-tension concrete is a method of reinforcing concrete. this concrete has cable conduits cast into it and that cable is stretched or【Get Price】

one way slab / two way slab which one is better? -

 · the advantage lies with the latter; it is possible to reduce the slab thickness reduce the amount of reinforcing within the slab even with the increase in top reinforcing because it's often required anyway and reduce the cost.【Get Price】

floating slab advantages and disadvantages of

floating slab foundations also have the distinct disadvantage of lack of underground access for utility lines. get link facebook twitter pinterest email other apps comments post【Get Price】

if a bubble deck slab has many advantages then why is

originally answered: if bubble deck slab has many advantages then why this method is not used world wide? it is not economical all the time. we dont get skilled labours and engineers who follow conventional methods since many years【Get Price】

post-tensioning advantages - the concrete network

post-tensioning which is a form of prestressing has several advantages over standard reinforcing steel rebars : it reduces or eliminates shrinkage cracking-therefore no joints or fewer joints are needed cracks that do form are held tightly together it allows slabs【Get Price】

voided biaxial slab - wikipedia

another advantage is the reduction in weight achieved by removing mass which does not directly transfer weight to a vertical member. cross-sectional diagram of a typical voided biaxial slab all voided biaxial slabs incorporate an array of rigid containers which theory · structure · construction · comparison to other slab types · gallery【Get Price】

bubble deck - lighter flat slab technology

bubbledeck ® is a revolutionary flooring system which has proved to be highly successful throughout europe since its development began ten years ago. bubbledeck comprises a hollow flat slab that spans in two directions in which plastic balls【Get Price】

what are advantage and disadvantage of in-situ

disadvantage: - require more time to construct compare to precast concrete slab-more on-site labor required - require formwork advantage:-most commonly use-do not require storage for material e.g. precast concrete slab need place to store【Get Price】

what are the advantages and disadvantages of pavers

different finishes and colors are available with a concrete slab although the color is subject to deterioration over time. paver colors are typically more durable. while both systems require excavation and grading pavers require more steps to complete than a【Get Price】

guidelines for one-way concrete flooring system bsbg

an overview and guide to one-way slab systems written by mohamed basheer bava lead structural engineer with bsbg. the floor system is the major part of a building structure. the selection of an appropriate system is vital in achieving an overall economic【Get Price】

what are the advantages and disadvantages of concrete

 · for new floors colour can be mixed into the concrete before the slab is set. in the case of existing floors the surface can be stained using acid or concrete floor paint【Get Price】

advantages of rib clay pot slab over solid concrete

 · advantage of this slab over the solid slab is temperature control and sound damping. shearing stresses should be less than the concrete shear capacity and hence minimum shear reinforcement could be used disadvantages of ribbed slab not economic for【Get Price】

advantage and disadvantage of two way slab - civil

advantage: flat ceilings are available in this slab because there is no beam in the middle of the cell. the height of the room is more available. do not obstruct【Get Price】

flat slab types of flat slab design and its advantages

 · thickness of flat slab is another very attractive benefit because thin slab provides the advantage of increased floor to ceiling height and lower cladding cost for the owner.【Get Price】

advantages of composite slabs - incoperfil

the main advantage of composite slab compared to other floors is their quick assembly. but there are more advantages; economics aesthetics ease of construction the main advantage of composite slab compared to other floors is their quick assembly. but【Get Price】

precast concrete construction - advantages and

photo source as the name suggest precast concrete is prepared by casting and curing the concrete in a mold under specific circumstances. the concrete is totally manufactured in a factory by adopting special construction techniques. when the concrete is fully【Get Price】

the advantages and disadvantages of a house built on a

 · slab or crawl-space foundations present about the same number of advantages and disadvantages so the choice you make largely depends on your personal preference. however if a person struggles with climbing stairs a slab foundation might be better because【Get Price】

biaxial hollow slab with innovative types of voids

 · pdf biaxial hollow slab with innovative types of voids a. churakov 1 saint-petersburg polytechnical university 29 polytechnicheskaya st. st.petersburg 【Get Price】

bubble deck slab seminar report ppt pdf for civil

explore bubble deck slab with free download of seminar report and ppt in pdf and doc format. a bubble deck slab floor can provide the required load-bearing capacity at a smaller thickness this leads to a further advantage resulting in a saving of 40 to【Get Price】

pdf structural behavior of bubble deck slab

structural behavior of bubble deck slab p. prabhu tej a 1 p. vij ay kumar 1 s. anusha 1 ch. mounika 1 purnachandra saha 2 1 another advantage is that using bubbledeck slabs reduces the amount of material needed therefore reducing the . last but【Get Price】

the pros and cons of buying a house on a slab

 · first a definition is in order: a slab foundation is created by digging about a foot or so into the ground where the house is to be located pouring concrete into the hole and reinforcing it with steel bars. the house is then constructed on top of this concrete foundation.【Get Price】

post tension slab advantages and disadvantages of

advantages of post tension slab post tension slabs are advantageous in many ways. some of the major benefits of post tension slabs are as follows. 1. reduced cost: post tension slabs are excellent ways to construct stronger structures at an affordable price.【Get Price】

important advantages and disadvantages of

a normal concrete slab if put under tension sags down under the pressure of the weight. the second advantage of lower depths structures is that they have lower weights and so supporting columns in buildings too can be made smaller which saves on【Get Price】

advantages and disadvantages of a slab foundation

slab piers helical piers wall anchors underpinning cmu concrete masonary unit sister joists remove and replace girder continuous footing wall straightening【Get Price】

guidelines for fixing different materials: advantages and

it has many advantages as well as disadvantages. the advantages of raft foundation are as follows raft or mat foundation is economic due to combination of foundation and floor slab. it requires little excavation. it can cope with mixed or poor ground condition. it【Get Price】

what are the advantages and disadvantages of

disadvantages of prestressed concrete: the main disadvantage of prestressing is that it requires some special equipment like jacks anchorage etc【Get Price】